Complete Steps to Remove GoUnzip Toolbar

What is GoUnzip Toolbar?

GoUnzip Toolbar is an adware application and lately categorized as an unknown potentially unwanted program that is mainly created to releases loads of useless ads within your browsers without seeking any approval. According to some malicious developers, such dubious adware program comes via using fake bundled installations. Most of the cases, GoUnzip Toolbar installs itself as an annoying dll file like GreenGame.dll or other types of extension names. You should ignore its associated dll files because it has ability to rapidly consumes lots of hard disk spaces. Not only that, such annoying ad-supported application may be create various unknown folders with fake extension name hides under several drive locations on the machine. It will slow down the web browsing experience of user. In such matter, your system starts performs in very sluggish way.

Moreover, it is a part of useless application which may uninterruptedly connect with loads of freeware programs, peer to peer file sharing web pages, pop-up links or other deceptive intrusion methods. As long as GoUnzip Toolbar gets attached with your machine then it automatically initiates displays various kinds of advertising banners, inline deals, promotional codes, contextual ads or some additional pop-up stuffs on your reliable search pages. Sometimes, such online banners seems as an impressive but do not trust it and if you careless click on its related commercial links or pop-ups stuffs then you may be frequently rerouted to some questionable or strange domains. Despite to these annoying popping issues, GoUnzip Toolbar has been mainly designed to promotes endless pop-up advertisements within your several browsers such as a Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and other versions of browsers. What’s more, this adware program is very nasty which is capable to records your every web surfing information. So, it is very nec
essary to get rid of GoUnzip Toolbar from your system without wasting any time.

GoUnzip Toolbar Harms:


annoying pop up ads

As an ad-supported program, this app will automatically display and download numerous advertisements to your browsers. Generally, those advertisements appear in a pop op window, web browser, toolbar, or within an ad-supported program. Every time you open this application to read the news, your screen will be always covered with various advertisements in all kinds of forms, which will seriously hinder your browsing. Moreover, it will greatly slow your browsing speed; significantly diminish the Internet browsing experience and even slow computer performance if you keep this adware on your PC for a long time.


malicious websites

Clicking those ads displayed by GoUnzip Toolbar may redirect you to some special websites, ads sites even malicious websites where your computer is vulnerable to be attacked by other malware (viruses, adware, spyware or Trojans) that are usually implanted by cyber criminals or hackers. Thus, your PC may suffer further malware infections. In addition, this tricky app is able to drop many unwanted add-ons, plug-ins and extensions to your popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) without your knowledge and consent. By claiming those add-ons can enhance your browsing experience so that tempt you to use them every time you surf the Internet. In this way, their supporters (Most of them are advertisers) can get pay per click. Obviously, the main motive of those advertisers is to make money from your clicking. In fact you can’t get any benefits.



Far more than the harms above, what’s worse, this annoying app is capable of stealing your sensitive information such as banking information, login details, password, and IP address by monitoring your browsing activities like search queries, keystrokes, websites you viewed and the sites you often visit. In order to gain profits, the adware may release your personal information to third parties who often use these confidential data for advertising or sell that data to cyber criminals or hackers for money. If so, you will face a serious privacy issue. Therefore, you are highly advised toremove it out of your machine in order to protect your personal and property safety.

Harmful impacts of GoUnzip Toolbar are as follow :

This threat bombards the user’s browser’s screen with tons of annoying commercial pop-up ads.
It resets the user’s preset browser’s settings including the default homepage, search engine and DNS settings.
Blocks some of desired websites by unknown reason.
This pup keeps constantly redirecting the users to various questionable domain.
It keeps track of the user’s online activities and sniff the user’s personal stuff. Then this sniffed information is transferred to the online marketing agent for practicing numerous unethical activities.
Diminishes the PC’s working efficiency badly by taking up plenty of system resources.
This threat decelerates the browsing speed badly
It deactivates the user’s installed antivirus programs and injects numerous other potentially unwanted programs inside it.
Now after seeing such disastrous impact of this threat, it would be not wrong to claim it very harmful for the PC. Thus in order to avoid such vulnerabilities, reduce crashes and ensure optimal browsing experience it is quite essential to remove GoUnzip Toolbar immediately from the PC. Regarding this purpose it is advised to use either ‘Manual Removal Method’ or ‘Automatic Removal Tool’.

To implement ‘Manual Removal Method’, users need to follow the below mentioned steps :

First of all user should change system folder settings to show all hidden files.
Then they should search for and remove vicious files generated by this threat on C hard drive.
In the next step user should remove this threat and other unwanted programs from Control Panel.
Finally at last user should eliminate GoUnzip Toolbar from browsers.

Several Steps to Completely Remove GoUnzip Toolbar

To make sure you can 100% get rid of GoUnzip Toolbar from your PC, we highly recommend you to use a Professional Malware Removal Tool. But we still provide the manual removal methods to you.

(Note: The manual removal methods only recommended to computer experts or experienced computer users who are good at dealing with computer problems. If you are a computer novice, you’d better use an automatic removal tool – SpyHunter. GoUnzip Toolbar is not a simple adware program. It creates a lot of harmful files and folders into your registry editor which are hard to be completely deleted.)

Remove GoUnzip Toolbar With SpyHunter – Quick & Complete

SpyHunter is a top anti-malware program certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System which can help you detect and remove all types of malware including adware, virus, spyware, worm, Trojans, browser hijacker, rootkits and more. SpyHunter responds with industry-leading innovative technologies to stay one step ahead of today’s malware threats and offers additional customization capabilities to ensure every user is able to custom tailor SpyHunter to fit their specific needs. With SpyHunter, you can browse the web safely and quickly. SpyHunter provides a real-time protection against malware and blocks hacking and phishing attempts. No malicious programs can bypass the detection of SpyHunter. Research shows that more than 50 million users keep their PCs secure with SpyHunter.

How SpyHunter Can Benefit You


tickQuickly detect and remove GoUnzip Toolbar.

tickDelete all harmful registry entries created by GoUnzip Toolbar.

tickGive a timely warning when you visit malicious websites.

tickProvide a real-time protection to your PC.



SpyHunter Installation Process:

  • Once finished downloading, double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe on your computer.


  • Click Run button.


  • Choose the language you prefer and click OK button.


  • Click CONTINUE button to go on.


  • Select I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL button.


  • Now SpyHunter is installing. Please wait for a moment.


  • Click FINISH button to finish SpyHunter installation.


  • Launch SpyHunter to have a full scan of your PC by clicking Scan Computer Now.


  • Now, SpyHunter is scanning your PC. Please wait for a few seconds.

PUP GoUnzip Toolbar is detected by SpyHunter

  • Once finishing scanning, please click Fix Threats button to remove GoUnzip Toolbar.

Fix Threats

Note: As you can see, GoUnzip Toolbar is quickly detected through the scanning of SpyHunter. Here, I would like to remind you SpyHunter’s free version just help you detect virus or malware. If you want to remove the PUP, you need to purchase the license of SpyHunter. The powerful removal tool has helped may victims successfully get rid of GoUnzip Toolbar from the infected computer.


Uninstall GoUnzip Toolbar related programs from Control Panel.

PUP like GoUnzip Toolbar often installs other unwanted programs on your PC, so you need to uninstall them from your Control Panel. We provide corresponding steps for different operating systems. Please follow our guide to uninstall all suspicious programs now!


Windows 7

  • Click Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  • In the opened window, click Uninstall a program under Programs.
  • Look for any suspicious programs in the list of installed programs and then click Uninstall.


Windows XP

  • Click Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs
  • Search for any unwanted programsin the list of installed programs and then clickChange/Remove button.


Windows 8

  • Right-click Start at the lower left corner of your screen and then select Control Panel from the menu.
  • In the opened window, click Uninstall a program under Programs.
  • Look for any malicious programs from the currently installed programs and then clickUninstall.


Note: In some case, adware like GoUnzip Toolbar is protected by malicious process that will not allow you to uninstall it from your Control Panel. If it gives you an error message and prevents you from uninstalling GoUnzip Toolbar, you need to download a Professional Adware Removal Tool to completely get rid of all malicious programs.


Remove GoUnzip Toolbar From Chrome

  • Open Chrome, click the 3 parallel lines icon at the top right corner and then choose More toolsExtensions.


  • Search for GoUnzip Toolbar and then click the recycle bin to remove it.

remove GoUnzip Toolbar from Chrome

  • Then you will get a pop up as shown below. Click Remove button.



Remove homepage from Google Chrome.

  • After you remove GoUnzip Toolbar, click the Settings tab at the left side of the Extensions window and then clickSet pages.

Set pages

  • In the opened window, delete URL by clicking x icon at the end and then click OKbutton.

OK button

  • Return to the Settings window and then click Change.


  • Delete homepage…/. Then you can type web address into the box as your new homepage and then click OK button.

remove URL from Chrome

  • Return to Settings page, click Manage search engine button.

Manage search engine

  • Then you will get a window as shown below. Delete by clicking X icon and then clickDone button.

delete search engine from Chrome


Reset Google Chrome to default settings.

  • In the Settings window, scroll down to the bottom and then click Show advanced settings….

Show advanced settings

  • After that, continue to scroll down until you see Reset settings button and click it.

Reset settings

  • When a window pops up, click Reset button to complete the operation.

Reset button

  • Restart your PC.


Remove GoUnzip Toolbar From Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click the 3 parallel lines icon at the top right corner and then choose Add-ons from context menu.


  • After you get a message box as shown below, look for GoUnzip Toolbar and then click Remove button to delete it.

remove GoUnzip Toolbar from Firefox


Remove GoUnzip Toolbar homepage from Firefox.

  • After you open your Mozilla Firefox, click the 3 parallel lines icon at the top right corner and then clickOptions.


  • Then you get a window as shown below. Remove GoUnzip Toolbar homepage. Then you can type your desired web address into the Home page box as your new homepage.

remove homepage from Firefox


Reset Firefox to default settings.

  • Click the 3 parallel lines icon at the top right corner and then click the help icon.

help icon

  • Select Troubleshooting Information.

Troubleshooting information

  • Click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox

  • After you see a window as shown below, click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox button

  • Restart your PC.
How to Avoid Spyware and Adware

A lot of unwelcome software ends up on your computer in part because of something you did or did not do. Here’s how to avoid unwanted spyware or adware:

1.Watch out for anti-spyware scams. The Web is rife with “anti-spyware” tools that do little or nothing to prevent spyware. Some even make it worse. Purveyors of these tools often provide free scans, which almost invariably identify hundreds of spyware programs on your computer. They then immediately ask you to buy their bogus product.

2.Beware of clickable advertisements. Try to avoid programs–especially freeware–that flash clickable ads. These ads should be a red flag. If you click the ads, it’s possible someone is watching how you respond to them.


GoUnzip Toolbar pop-up is something unwanted and annoying because it can appear anytime on your web browser and block you from surfing the web properly, especially when you are on e-commerce websites, such as eBay or Amazon. This pop up is generated by Adware that releases loads of pop-up advertisements. Those ads cover your screen and prevent you from viewing the website you want. Also your browser may keep crashing all the time, giving you ‘not responding’ error. Removing these pop-ups is a difficult job because this type of adware will not show any presence in control panel/add or remove programs. It may not be listed there or it could give you endless error messages to prevent the removal. Pop-up ads from GoUnzip Toolbar can push more system trouble like other potentially unwanted program and malicious software to add up on the system.

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